Cranberry-Orange Relish

There are three ingredients and one essential tool for this recipe: a bright, tart relish my Mom has been making the same way for 60+ years.

Festive Christmas Salads

These two salads are delicious anytime of the year, but since they’re red and green they’re especially great for the holidays when you want something ¬†healthy and festive to balance all the sweets. I love how simple and flavorful both of these salads are – they both have a mixture of great textures, too. Both…

Cranberry Mojitos

This is a great holiday cocktail recipe: easy to make by the pitcher, naturally colorful (bright red & green!), and flavorful enough to attract people who may not normally like cocktails. There’s a little over 2 oz. of rum per serving, which is on the light side for a cocktail this size. Still, you might…

Gingerbread Traditions

My family has an annual problem: too many gingerbread houses. Of course it’s a self-created problem, because every year we like to invite friends over for ¬†a sleepover party where we stay up playing with candy, eventually collapse into a sugar coma, then wake up and make a nice brunch before everyone heads out the…

Indian Pudding

This is an old-fashioned dish that blends Native American and British ingredients and techniques to make something that is light and delicious and complements a traditionally heavy Thanksgiving dinner very nicely.