While I personally enjoy the chaos and intense concentration required to produce complicated menus, I’ll be spacing out my documentation of such experiences in a more manageable form here, one recipe at a time. If you have any recipes you would like to see me focus on at particular times, feel free to send me suggestions at thekitchentourist@gmail.com

After planning a big party or holiday menu, I generally don’t want to look at the kitchen again for a few days.  So of course not all of my cooking involves complicated or “exotic” recipes. I’ll be sure to include bits of family recipes and shortcuts too, which should be faster to write about as well.

I’ve been active in the kitchen since I was very young and though I know I’m still an amateur cook, that experience has given me enough confidence to keep trying new things. I don’t claim to be an expert in anything in particular, but I am an enthusiast and I hope sharing the things I enjoy with you will be fun for both of us. I hope to update this blog several times weekly, or as my life allows.

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