While I enjoy exploring new food, I am fully aware that it can be an expensive pursuit if not handled correctly. A primary skill I learned from my mother is how to build useful pantry, an essential step if you want to cook creatively and cheaply. I’ll try to share what I’ve learned about key ingredients for different cuisines, since that makes it a lot less expensive to try new dishes.

Cooking fads and trendy ingredients are best taken in small portions, in my opinion. I currently pay the rent for my apartment in Mom’s house in groceries, so the finances of food are fairly personal to me at the moment. 🙂 I’ve tried to make sure I learn about the “pantry economics” of different cuisines to make my explorations as affordable as possible.

While I enjoy reading cooking magazines and trying out new recipes, I generally find it more practical and more fun to orient myself in a cuisine before haring off after a complicated dish. I’ll be sure to share tips about shopping and substitutions here too, since that’s key to exploring new cuisines with confidence.

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