Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Menu

It helps that we’ve already learned to plan Thanksgiving with as many make-ahead steps as possible. Breaking the recipes and dishes up this way makes it easier have all the food hot on the table, even if our menu is pretty extensive.

Make-Ahead Indian Menu

On the principle that many curries taste better the next day anyway, the Indian menu we served this weekend was composed primarily of dishes we made ahead.

Happy Birthday to Me Menu

Birthdays make great excuses for feasting in my family. I have fun making menus for everyone else, but this one’s for me (and all the friends I’m looking forward to sharing it with).

Menu Planning: Italian American Birthday Feasts

No one in my family is the least bit Italian, but it seems this has become a traditional birthday feast choice around here. I didn’t realize how much so until I started writing this out. Italy, like India and many other countries with drastic climate differences and a very long history, has a wide variety…

Feasting 101, Step 1: Goals & Limits

As I said in my “Introduction” post, this should really be the easy part – but I’ll explain why I think you should have answers to all of these questions before you get any further with your feast plans, if you want to make your life easier. Questions: Who are you serving? What is your…

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Pictures and an overview of the menu from the party – a table of contents, I guess, as I keep posting more of the recipes.