Moroccan Country Salad

I love finding recipes from around the world that use familiar ingredients and offer new flavor combinations. If I can use colorful ingredients from my garden, all the better!

Moroccan Orange and Date Salad

This is one of the most attractive and unusual salad recipes I’ve found. It goes well with a number of Mediterranean dishes and only takes a few minutes to have ready. I’ve tweaked the recipe to take out the only part I found labor intensive.

Moroccan Chickpea and Carrot Tagine

This recipe has everything going for it: it’s cheap, quick, colorful, healthy, and delicious. It’s from an interesting cuisine I want to learn more about, yet I can keep all the ingredients in our pantry. Plus it’s vegetarian/vegan friendly so I can serve it to anyone on short notice without worrying about dietary restrictions.

Mediterranean Menu

This meal was designed for a friend visiting from out of town – I began with a few favorite Moroccan recipes (vegetarian and very quick to put together) then added in some new Greek recipes to round out the menu. One new recipe was controversial, the other one a big success. The tried and true favorites still stood out and I’ll be filling in recipes for most of them shortly.