Cranberry-Orange Relish

how much cranberry sauce?There are three ingredients and one essential tool for this recipe.  It freezes well, but you need fresh cranberries to get the right texture as you make it.

We always use the same tool that my Mom has used for 60+ years: an old fashioned hand grinder. It makes squeaky, creaky noises while you make it and lots of super tart juice as a byproduct, which we often save for a really tart Jello we make for Christmas.

You could probably do it in small batches in a food processor, if you were careful not to overdo it (you don’t want applesauce texture).

We usually do this “to taste”, which makes posting instructions as a recipe seem a bit unhelpful, but I dare say you can judge how tart you like your food.

Cranberry Orange Relish

As bright and tart as possible!

This can be frozen and tastes just as good defrosted, but you can’t grind frozen berries so you need to make it from fresh ingredients


  • Fresh cranberries
  • Fresh oranges (thin-skinned ones)
  • sugar


  1. Wash the fresh cranberries and pick over them to avoid any that are wilted, bruised, or look otherwise spoiled.
  2. Peel at least half the oranges and cut into quarters
  3. If you use a hand grinder, set up a bowl to catch the juice and a pan to catch the relish.
  4. Grind the cranberries and oranges, mixing together as you go. (see video)
  5. When all the berries are ground, mix in sugar a little at a time. We often do about 1/3 cup for 6-10 bags of cranberries, because we like it VERY tart.
  6. If the final mix seems too dry, mix back in some juice (this will add more tartness too).

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