Frittata with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

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This is one of my sister’s favorite go-to quick dinner options, though we have been known to serve it for breakfast too. We have lots of chives that grow in our garden all summer long, so with a bit of cheese and eggs and some sun dried tomatoes in the pantry it’s easy to put together anytime.

It can be a main dish, if you serve it as a 4-serving meal, or a side dish if you’re adding in traditional breakfast carbs and proteins and more. If you want meat, I always like to have some of our turkey breakfast sausage as an easy side, often with homemade applesauce too, as in the holiday brunch above.


The only step of the recipe that I can’t say is easy is flipping the frittata: if you decide you don’t care and would rather treat it like a Denver omelette or fancy scrambled eggs, it will taste just fine. It’s nice to be able to cut it into neat wedges, but spoonfuls won’t taste any different.

Frittata with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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• 6 sun-dried tomatoes, dry or in oil, drained
• ¼ cup olive oil
• 1 small onion, finely chopped
• pinch of fresh thyme leaves
• salt and freshly ground black pepper
• 6 eggs
• ½ cup freshly grated parmesan cheese

Place the tomatoes in a small bowl and cover with hot water. Soak for 15 minutes. Lift the tomatoes out of the water and slice into thin strips. Reserve the soaking water.

Heat oil in a large non-stick or heavy skillet. Stir in the onion and cook for 5-6 minutes or until soft and golden. Add tomatoes and thyme; stir over moderate heat for 2-3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Break eggs into a bowl and beat lightly with a fork. Stir in 3-4 Tbsp. of the soaking water used for the sun dried tomatoes, along with the grated cheese. Raise the heat under the pan. When oil is sizzling, pour in the eggs. Stir them quickly to mix into the other ingredients, then stop stirring.

Lower the heat to medium-low and cook for 4-5 minutes on the first side, or until the frittata is puffed and golden brown.

Take a very large plate and place it upside down over the pan. Holding it firmly with oven mitts, turn the pan and the frittata over onto it. Slide the frittata back into the pan upside down and continue cooking until golden brown on the second side, 3-4 minutes more.

Remove from heat. The frittata can be served hot, at room temperature, or cold. Cut into wedges to serve.

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