Madras Sambal

This dish is creamy, flavorful, and colorful – a great fall comfort food. It’s easy to adapt with different vegetables and vary the spice level to match your taste. Plus it’s cheap!

Lemon Italian Ice

If you want the flavor of real lemons, something that’s satisfyingly tangy and light, this is an easy option you can make anytime you have a little space open in your freezer.

Persian Pomegranate Granita

The flavor of this is as bright and refreshing as the color, made of fruit juices & herbs with no cream or fat. Also, it’s really easy to put together in the freezer (no ice cream maker required, a fork & pan will do).

Earl Grey Sorbet with Lemon & Mint

When planning a menu, I like to mix a few favorites and a few new recipes. I chose this one simply because it fit the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme, but it was actually one of my favorite dishes from the whole day. The texture is light and smooth and though the flavor isn’t terribly…