Feasting 101, Step 3: Picking a Menu – Thanksgiving Edition

This year we’re exploring Thanksgiving as an immigrant holiday, in the broadest terms. We hoping to have the menu to reflect the people around the table and where they’ve come from (this could be in terms of heritage, family memories or even recent experiences).

Mother’s Day Picnic Menu

A range of sandwiches, fun salads, finger food and more – as usual, we may have gone a bit overboard with the menu planning. But how would sticking to the basics be any fun?

Menu Planning: Italian American Birthday Feasts

No one in my family is the least bit Italian, but it seems this has become a traditional birthday feast choice around here. I didn’t realize how much so until I started writing this out. Italy, like India and many other countries with drastic climate differences and a very long history, has a wide variety…

Feasting 101, Step 2: Event Planning

These questions (along with your goals & limits in Step 1) help figure out the scale of the event and will have a big impact on how much work you have to do. But they’re also where the most creativity comes in, for me, so finding the answers can be really fun. Questions: Do you…

Feasting 101, Step 1: Goals & Limits

As I said in my “Introduction” post, this should really be the easy part – but I’ll explain why I think you should have answers to all of these questions before you get any further with your feast plans, if you want to make your life easier. Questions: Who are you serving? What is your…

Feasting 101: Introduction

I enjoy feeding people. Sometimes I like to see how many people I can feed at once and how many dishes I can provide. This is not the sort of thing I expect most people want to do – it gets a little crazy and takes a LOT of work. But even if you don’t…

Christmas Eve “Around the World”

To make the day pass faster without losing any of the anticipation, our Christmas Eve tradition is to pick a cuisine from around the world and spend a good portion of the day making a feast, which we then eat by candlelight. This year we’re “travelling” to Wales!

Meal Planning – Puerto Rican dinner

We’re having another big Sunday dinner, this time with a Puerto Rican menu. I’m counting on a few tried and true favorites (Arroz con Gandules, Pastelón, Habichuelas, etc.) and trying some new things as well (Caldo Santo, Flan).

Menu Planning – Indian Dinner Party

I’m planning a dinner party for this Friday – I know I’m making Indian food, but not how many people I’m serving. If I have the time, my usual strategy is to make enough food for everyone who could possibly come, then extra in case they invite friends.  This is not always the smartest strategy….