I’m a librarian by profession and personality: I love to learn and explore new ideas and I love books. I apply this to most areas of life, including my cooking. With a limited budget in a big city, international cookbooks give me a great excuse to explore my local grocery stores and the cultures they represent all over the world.

If you wish to learn more about me and this blog, you can find more information in these pages:

Who? – A bit of my history, and the people inspiring me to do this
What? – The likely contents of this blog and their sources
When? – The timing of my cooking and the frequency of its appearance here
Where? – Local origins and events
How? – $$ and other details

As to the Why?… Well, I firmly believe the best part of making food is sharing it. Since I work on the web, enjoy photography, and have too many friends who live too far away to eat dinner with me here, I figured I might as well share some of this online. I don’t know where this blog will lead, but it seemed like a natural place to start.

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  1. Peter Lyons says:

    Hey, Emily,
    I wanted you to see this recipe. Hope you guys enjoyed your stay in Mass cuz we sure loved having you.
    Hey, are you on FB too?


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