Salted S’mores Popcorn

Here’s a sweet & salty version of a summer classic that’s easy to mix up in minutes. With bittersweet chocolate, crispy crunchy cereal bits and fluffy sweet marshmallows scattered in, t’s a great light snack anytime.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Torte with Walnut Custard Filling

An unusual cake that uses mashed sweet potatoes and ground walnuts with eggs for the batter. Filled with a walnut custard and topped with a chocolate glaze, it’s rich and tender but not overpowering. And now it sounds like a skeezy romance novel hero.

Kid’s Cookbooks and Trunchbull Cake

A recipe for “The most scrumptious cake in the entire world” and a roundup of the kid’s cookbooks and recipes I grew up making. Do you have a favorite childhood cookbook or recipe?

Guinness Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream

This is the matured version of the Irish Chocolate Cupcakes I’ve made a few times – it’s been adapted from the Barrington Brewery to Bon Appetit to Smitten Kitchen to (via Kim) me. I decided to add the Guinness Ice Cream by Emeril Lagasse as well, since I had the right quantity in the bottle…

Bananana…. Baking with Bananas

Discount bananas have been inspiring me to bake, but there’s only so much banana bread one family will want to eat. So this includes three recipes: banana bread, banana scones, and banana cake.

Marbled Chocolate Orange Cake

This was one of those cakes that had me struggling not to lick my fingers as I mixed it up, going back for seconds right after the first slice, then eating every crumb off the platter after everyone else had their portions. I didn’t lick the platter clean, but then I was at church. Obviously…

S’Mores Cheesecake

This may not be as “American as apple pie” but it’s close, and a lot less work to put together. I made this last for our community garden’s bake sale, where it was very popular with the kids and the adults. It’s one of the easiest cheesecake recipes I have, especially if you decide to…

Mexican Chocolate Chiffon Ice Cream

If I’m going to make homemade ice cream, I don’t want to make something that I can buy in a store, especially if store-bought would generally taste better. But I still prefer to keep it affordable and fairly simple. Great chocolate ice cream should be rich and creamy, obviously – but making it better than…

Irish Chocolate Cupcakes

I knew I wanted to include chocolate cupcakes for my party – when I found these in a book of recipes from famous international tea rooms, I  couldn’t resist the idea of Bailey’s flavored icing. Want an even more Irish alcohol flavored recipe? Pair it with a Guinness cake (and ice cream?). The frosting definitely made…