Favorite Picnic Salads

I just told my sister I could live on these salads. She said it wouldn’t be a well balanced diet, so I described the ingredients. She took it back: Broccoli and Bacon Salad, Deli-Style Pasta Salad, Avacado Corn Salad

Gingerbread Traditions

My family has an annual problem: too many gingerbread houses. Of course it’s a self-created problem, because every year we like to invite friends over for  a sleepover party where we stay up playing with candy, eventually collapse into a sugar coma, then wake up and make a nice brunch before everyone heads out the…

Family Favorite: Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna

If I was going to list my family’s top 10 favorite dishes, I think I could confidently say this would make the top five. It’s the most common dish on the menus I found when I reviewed my family’s Italian Birthday Feasts, and that doesn’t even include our non-Italian birthday menus, which still often manage to…

Slow-Cooker Coconut Chai Oatmeal

A three-ingredient recipe that goes in the crock-pot and can be made overnight or ahead to have enough for a week of breakfasts (for me anyway). Plus it recreates a dish I’ve been craving for a while.

Kid’s Cookbooks and Trunchbull Cake

A recipe for “The most scrumptious cake in the entire world” and a roundup of the kid’s cookbooks and recipes I grew up making. Do you have a favorite childhood cookbook or recipe?

Turkey Apple Breakfast Sausage

My family likes to make a big breakfast for holidays or other special occasions where we’re all up late at night talking with friends and want to extend the social experience into the next day. It’s often more of a brunch by the time we all get out of bed and get the meal together,…

Quick & Easy Homemade Pickles

Jump to recipe I first tried this recipe as part of the Amish menu for our Amish vs. Cyborgs party. I’m not sure it quite qualifies – it doesn’t involve any arcane traditional canning methods, just a bit of slicing, stirring, and sitting in the refrigerator. The only problem with making this recipe and sharing it…

S’Mores Cheesecake

This may not be as “American as apple pie” but it’s close, and a lot less work to put together. I made this last for our community garden’s bake sale, where it was very popular with the kids and the adults. It’s one of the easiest cheesecake recipes I have, especially if you decide to…

Lentil Meadow Pie

The first time my sister made it, we almost started a fight over the last piece. Since then we always make it in large quantities, and it frequently appears at holidays and parties, since it’s a delicious dish that’s easy to make ahead and vegetarian – yet also appealing to picky eaters.

Corn Salsa Flapjacks

I’ve been making these flapjacks for years. They’re a family favorite recipe, easy to make with pantry ingredients and cooking up quickly. My only problem is not eating half the stack hot off the griddle before I serve them for dinner.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

A friend at church today told me her favorite dessert is the peanut butter chocolate cake at Whole Foods. I don’t have a recipe for that exact cake, but I do have a picture of the first cake I baked, from Betty Crocker’s ©1969 cookbook. I will now try to combine my friend’s request and my ~20 year old memories to create a recipe that might just serve the purpose.

Banana Split Birthday Cake

If you’ve ever baked cornbread or muffins, you can make a really fabulous looking birthday cake with very little trouble. It looks like a fancy bakery creation, tastes wonderful, and is even relatively healthy. Or you can use the cake recipe to just make banana cupcakes.