Happy Birthday to Me Menu

I haven’t hosted a party like this for a while, at least not on this scale. That’s my excuse for the scale of the menu, anyway. Because planning menus and strategizing refrigerator space and keeping pots bubbling and cutting boards cleared is one of those things I treat myself to once in a while (even if it drives me a little crazy in the moment).

Not believing that there will ever be “enough” food probably drives my family a bit more crazy, but I’ve learned how to space it out so I don’t push too much of the work onto them.   This time, for my own sanity, I prudently also took the day off afterwards so I can relax and let go of the endless focus on efficient use of time.

table of food


I’ve been picking up fun things at the Korean Market and shops in Little India, so I’ve got a range of crunchy things with different spices and seasonings people may not have tried before.

I also found great smoked “Hunter’s Sausage” at a local delicatessen – where they had to retrieve it for me from the smoke house since they didn’t have any out when I came in. And if I was going to set out the sausage, then obviously I needed some cheeses as well. Costco!

I left chips/snacks on the potluck poll as well, so there are likely to be some tried & true options.


So many to choose from!


Because I often find vegetarian food more interesting, I’m going with lots of salads & sides and asking others to bring things for the grill.

Main Dishes


Ice Creams:

  • Blueberry
  • Lemon-Orange
  • Mango
  • Lavender Strawberry Sorbet
  • Green Apple Cider Sorbet

Birthday Ice Creams

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  1. e. says:

    beautiful, beautiful! quite the party planner!

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