Sri Lankan Favorites: Pineapple Curry

This unusual, colorful dish is one you can mix up in 10-15 minutes (depending on how fast you chop an onion). If you keep canned coconut milk and pineapple on hand, this is also an easy pantry dish, though it does taste extra special with fresh pineapple.

Sri Lankan Favorites – Fish Cutlets

This recipe works nicely as an appetizer or as a quick main dish. It can be made ahead (mostly) or put together at the last minute. It’s cheap, versatile, and delicious. Of course it’s becoming a regular at our house.

Quick & Easy Indian: Chana Masala

While I get caught up on this blog, I’m taking requests for specific recipes or types of recipes – this one’s for “Lars” & Brent, who needed more easy gluten-free high fiber dishes. Indian food is very good for that sort of thing, so I’ll be sending them a spice care package soon and filling…

Indian Dinner – Stuffed Plantains

I normally associate plantains with Puerto Rican cooking, where they are served with most meals as tostones, fried twice to soften their starchyness and mashed flat the final time so they can be crispy all over and – if they’re at their best – smeared with a bit of mashed garlic, salty and crusty and…

Indian Dinner – Coconut Dhal

Dhal is a staple side dish in both Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines, as simple and ubiquitous as mashed potatoes in the US. I like this Sri Lankan version because the coconut milk adds a lot of creamy richness to it and it includes several versions for people who like it spicy or mild.

Indian Dinner – Spinach Raita

Raita is a standard side dish designed to offset the spiciness of many Indian dishes. It can be made with fruit or vegetables, but the base is always yogurt. It’s like a savory version of the whipped topping & marshmallow “salads” you find in American church basement dinners – it’s creamy and light, but not…

Indian Dinner – Aubergine Mushroom Curry

Jump to recipe This is one of my favorite mild curries, and also one of the most convenient. If you have the time to prepare the eggplants ahead of time, it will come together very, very quickly. If you have time to prepare the whole dish ahead of time, it will taste even better. It…

Menu Planning – Indian Dinner Party

I’m planning a dinner party for this Friday – I know I’m making Indian food, but not how many people I’m serving. If I have the time, my usual strategy is to make enough food for everyone who could possibly come, then extra in case they invite friends.  This is not always the smartest strategy….