A Year in Facebook Food

This is going to be a geek post more than a food post. I turns out I’ve been doing a microblog about food over the last year and didn’t even realize it.

If you’re on facebook as much as I am, you may have seen people using an application that summarizes a year by putting select status updates together in a formatted image. Curious to see what my status updates would be, I opened the application and found that I could copy them all out if I went to the advanced settings.

I was kind of bemused to see how many were about food, so I’m going post all of the updates I published in 2009 about food here. I’ve noted beside each month what the proportion was to total number of status updates:

January 2009 (3/17)

  1. Emily has watched a movie, plastered her ‘bedroom’, made kimchi, and is going to read a novel. Good day.
  2. Emily is eating yummy leftover Korean food. Her breath will smell like garlic, ginger, and hot chillies
  3. Emily is full of dumplings and good cheer!

February 2009 (0/10 – I was hibernating, evidently)

March 2009 (2/12)

  1. Emily is eating Cambodian eggplant and Korean squash – last night was clean out the vegetables night. Yum!
  2. Emily has earned her 2 donuts this morning!

April 2009 (4/12)

  1. Emily is going to go garden for a while… hopefully the raspberries will be easier to pick later this summer as a result.
  2. Emily smells like sesame oil now.. yum…
  3. Emily has awesome friends and is sending love to Shanya, wishes the food could be sent as easily…
  4. Emily missed hearing the VP by 10 minutes (early lockdown) then had a Gollum wannabe on the bus behind me – but I did get a nice gyro from Greektown… all’s well that ends well?

May 2009 (3/14)

  1. Time to get to work on the Mother’s Day feast
  2. Himmel und Erde, check – Spiced Red Cabbage, check – Rosemary Roast Chicken – check, Rosemary Roast Potatoes, check – Gingersnaps, check – Scalloped Corn, check – Black Forest Cheesecake, check – Plum Kuchen, check – what’s left… just the sauerbraten
  3. Just got back from a sunset walk along the coast in Cornwall to help mix up paella for a late dinner… life is VERY good. 🙂

June 2009 (3/7)

  1. Enjoyed celebrating Sarah’s birthday and eating Marcos’s excellent chocolate bread pudding… yum yum yum
  2. Mmm… homemade blueberry scones, turkey-apple sausage, scrambled eggs and rhubarb sauce… my family knows how to do birthdays right. 🙂 Thanks for the team effort!
  3. 3 ice creams frozen: lemon-orange, mango, and green tea – 2 custards cooling (to be iced tomorrow): peanut butter and fresh mint. Do I really want to make french vanilla too? hm… must check freezer space…

July 2009 (4/13)

  1. I’m watching my brother halve a “Barney” (the dinosaur) cake so we can add strawberry filling before frosting it… Happy (belated) Birthday, Grandpa!
  2. Emily is gong to pick raspberries tonight – anyone want to come help?
  3. Anybody want to learn how to make jam? I’m thinking that would be a good use for our fresh rhubarb and raspberries. And I’d welcome help with the jar washing and sugar-buying. I provide fruit, you provide hands, we all get good food… sound like a deal?
  4. Emily just retrieved a bag of dried kelp from behind my cabinets using a giant wrench – that’s for Friday. Before that I was packing bags into bags into bags – for book shopping tomorrow. And tonight I listened to music and enjoyed native flowers and “pirate” …

August 2009 (4/7)

  1. Just turned 100 small dry sardines into broth and a 5 lb. head of cabbage into kimchi. Lots of work for stuff I’m not eating for a few days… but my apartment smells like good food (or at least I think so)
  2. a picnic and Beethoven in the park, cruising LSD at night, gelato, homemade jam, and a BBQ with friends – a good weekend in the city and there’s still another day left.
  3. Hurray, perfect day for a party – up early on a saturday cleaning my apartment and thinking over food preparation!
  4. hooray, awesome party – great time with friends, lots of good food (we’ll have plenty for redux tomorrow and beyond) and the cocktails are starting to sink in just in time for bed. Or maybe it’s the end of the sugar rush from the pixie sticks in pinata baseball. Elisa Jay rocks!

September 2009 (7/16)

  1. Just happened to have all the ingredients to make proscuitto sandwiches with fresh mozzarella, pesto, and a homemade citrusy tapenade… yum! Now my living area is tarped for sanding and I’m trying to locate a cocktail recipe book I checked out. Standard evening?.
  2. hanging laundry, going to the farmer’s market, making jam and possibly helping with baking bread – I’m having a very old-fashioned day.
  3. Purchased today: 1 bushel peaches, 1/2 bushel plums, 1/2 bushel pears, concord grapes, apples, carrots, potatoes, beets, bell peppers, corn, shallots, cider, and fresh donuts. Cooked today: 2 batches spiced pear butter, 2 batches low-sugar pear jam, 3 pear pies (2 for freezer, one for church picnic tomorrow). Grapes cooked and pulp juiced. Guess we’ll be cooking fruit all week long…
  4. Canning plums is actually kind of restful, once you’ve got the process set up – wash plums, pack into hot jars, top off with sugar syrup, set in water and wait. Repeat until all jars are full.
  5. Jam making is not consistent – 1 hour of boiling gets 5 1/2 jars of plum jam, while 45 minutes of work gets 18 jars of grape jam. But I don’t object to more grape jam! (Yes, April, there’s one with your name on it)
  6. I may yet get productive today… I have lots of fun food and drinkables after shopping with the younger, healthier Guererros, anyway.
  7. A mystery: someone absconded with my seaside gingerbread house. They left the base and a few bits of pasta roof, but the house itself is gone. There’s a headless mermaid on the floor, but no crumbs or bits of house. And she’s been headless for years. Alas poor house…

October 2009 (2/13)

  1. Munching on toast and drinking tea with lemon and honey, as per Ms. Elisa Jay’s orders. 🙂
  2. Shopping list tonight: 1 ream tablet-size heavy paper, 4 cans coconut milk, 1 bag durabond 45 plaster. And all available in a 2 block radius at Addison & Kimball.

November 2009 (6/14)

  1. mmmm… Adam makes good homemade pizzas – it’s a smart brother that helps with dinner to get me to focus on a project for him – now if I can shoo the cat away I can get to work
  2. Made a quick dinner of Indian food for the family & Hilary and am now back to netflix & 2nd attempt at tailoring. Hopefully I’ll have learned something from last night and it will go faster now.
  3. Plotting Thanksgiving feasts and grocery lists and recipe schedules… anybody in Chicago need a place to be? Cause we’ve got a great feast going on at my church tomorrow (3 kinds of homemade ice cream, you know you want in) and another at our house on Thursday. The more the merrier!
  4. Laundry’s done, my abode is somewhat cleaner, my hair is washed, my Honey-Lavender ice cream is in the freezer, my sweet potatoes with marmalade are ready – now it’s time for SNL or an early bedtime, whichever seems more appealing.
  5. I’ve got my cornbread baked and the fridges have the Kimchee and turkeys and yogurts sorted out where they ought to be and we have a food prep schedule on the fridge. Now I can either clean house or read a book. The book will probably win.
  6. done with the rain, done with the groceries – on to the cooking…. what first? Bread? Turkey? Vegetable Broth? Stuffed Pumpkin? so many options… back to the schedue and the recipe books to sort it out

December 2009 (2/10)

  1. finally finished dinner – latkes, turkey soup with kreplach (stuffed dumplings), and steamed cabbage… but it took too long to make so it’s just me and Chrissy with 10 extra servings of everything. 😛
  2. Happy I got my herb garden in before it got cold. Also happy I don’t have to leave the house today.

I’m not sure what all this says about me, except that I obviously needed to create an outlet like so I don’t bore my friends and family who are less inclined to obsess over what they eat.

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