Citrus Sukkot Cake

Here’s another cake recipe, this one a nice bright moist lemon cake. I like cakes that don’t require frosting because they’re tasty enough on their own, though this is more like a pound cake anyway.

Guinness Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream

This is the matured version of the Irish Chocolate Cupcakes I’ve made a few times – it’s been adapted from the Barrington Brewery to Bon Appetit to Smitten Kitchen to (via Kim) me. I decided to add the Guinness Ice Cream by Emeril Lagasse as well, since I had the right quantity in the bottle…

Apple Cranberry Cobbler

With lots of other projects keeping me busy, I may only be baking on Sunday mornings for a little while. As I’ve mentioned in the last two cake posts, I’m finding Jewish recipes for our cake & coffee time to go along with a series of sermons on the Feasts of Israel. I can get…

Marbled Chocolate Orange Cake

This was one of those cakes that had me struggling not to lick my fingers as I mixed it up, going back for seconds right after the first slice, then eating every crumb off the platter after everyone else had their portions. I didn’t lick the platter clean, but then I was at church. Obviously…

Ginger Ale Spice Cake

Our church just started a cultural studies series on the Feasts of Israel and I’m providing festive Jewish food to go along. Until we get into the specific feasts, I’ve been trying different cakes from the Shabbat chapter of Marcy Goldman’s A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking. This was the first recipe I picked out,…

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Pictures and an overview of the menu from the party – a table of contents, I guess, as I keep posting more of the recipes.

Irish Chocolate Cupcakes

I knew I wanted to include chocolate cupcakes for my party – when I found these in a book of recipes from famous international tea rooms, I  couldn’t resist the idea of Bailey’s flavored icing. Want an even more Irish alcohol flavored recipe? Pair it with a Guinness cake (and ice cream?). The frosting definitely made…

Earl Grey Sorbet with Lemon & Mint

When planning a menu, I like to mix a few favorites and a few new recipes. I chose this one simply because it fit the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme, but it was actually one of my favorite dishes from the whole day. The texture is light and smooth and though the flavor isn’t terribly…

Psari Plaki – Greek Fish with Tomato Sauce

My brother made this dish for our Mediterranean dinner yesterday – it was a new recipe for us, but one that stood out, even among some favorite recipes, as one to try again soon. With the help of a food processor, the sauce came together very simply, then the fish went into the oven while the rest of the meal came together and was done very shortly.

Mediterranean Menu

This meal was designed for a friend visiting from out of town – I began with a few favorite Moroccan recipes (vegetarian and very quick to put together) then added in some new Greek recipes to round out the menu. One new recipe was controversial, the other one a big success. The tried and true favorites still stood out and I’ll be filling in recipes for most of them shortly.

Ingredient Note: Rice

Rice, of course, is a primary staple in many areas of the world. It’s cheap, it’s healthy, and it’s easy to start cooking (especially with a $20 rice cooker from Target). Last winter I woke up one morning and decided to catalog my rice. In this post, I’ll go over some tips and tricks about different types of rice I’ve learned to appreciate in my exploration of different cuisines.

Roasted Red Pepper Risotto

Risotto requires a bit of patience, something I’m usually in short supply of on a Monday night. But a last week – when I first said I’d be “restarting this blog” – I came home on a cold dark evening to find no one would be home for a while. I was hungry and felt…