Guinness Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream

This is the matured version of the Irish Chocolate Cupcakes I’ve made a few times – it’s been adapted from the Barrington Brewery to Bon Appetit to Smitten Kitchen to (via Kim) me. I decided to add the Guinness Ice Cream by Emeril Lagasse as well, since I had the right quantity in the bottle I bought.

I followed the cake recipe as adjusted by Smitten Kitchen, then added the Bailey’s frosting from the other recipe, spooning it onto the cake warm to give it a nice shiny glaze:

I won’t bother to copy the recipes out here, since they were perfectly well written elsewhere. I will note my changes, though:


The cake recipe was fine, perfectly straightforward. I greased the pan with shortening and mixed a bit of flour and cocoa together to flour the pan, see this post for a demonstration if you’re wondering how that works. It came out of the pan perfectly after letting it cool for a bit, and that’s usually the hard part for bundt cakes.

Ice Cream:

I looked at the notes on the ice cream recipe and reduced the number of eggs to 4 – 6 is way too many for such a small batch. Also, I brought the custard to 150 degrees (scald milk) instead of boiling it and then brought it to 170 with the eggs. Not boiling it makes it less likely to get a skin or curdle. Also, when I boiled the beer I measured it first to figure out what I needed – it went from 1.5 cups to 1 cup fairly quickly.

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  1. houseofherby says:

    That looks absolutely decadent!

    1. kitchentourist says:

      Thanks! It’s really great – I made this recipe again for Valentine’s day as cupcakes, using the “filling” recipe from the other Irish Cupcakes post. So delicious – but I was glad to bring them to work to share the calories around. 😉

      1. houseofherby says:

        I’m glad I don’t work with you, I’d end up obese haha!

      2. kitchentourist says:

        🙂 I work for a university, so I have a good number of coworkers. But a year or so ago it was getting a little out of control with the baked goods sitting on the tea table by my desk so we started bringing in veggies and fruit too, to balance it out.

      3. houseofherby says:

        Balance is good! We have cake and biscuits, then we hide/eat them saying that’s the last of it…..then get/make more 🙂

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